Travels to Turkey, London and Germany

I traveled to London, Turkey and Germany recently and brought back a few really beautiful things for you.  They’ll be at NY Now in August (Javits, booth 1327).  Photos below.  These are the types of things that will show in the “Back Room” section of the website.  Check in there often to see what’s new!

A piece of embroidered fabric circa late-1800s.  This was probably a wrapping cloth, used to wrap things for carrying (by the privileged classes I presume).  It’s about 3′ square and will be mounted to linen backing and framed.  Lucky is the one that ends up with this beauty! 

Handmade marbled paper, called ebru, about 4′ x 6′.  These will be mounted on board, ready to hang.  They’re gorgeous! I can add nothing to them, they’re perfect the way they are.

Okay, 2 photos of me in Turkey.  A lot of giggling went on during these photo shoots.  Farther down, a few bits of inspiration from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

We stayed at a farm with a Kurdish family our first two nights in Southeastern Turkey.  In this first photo, they were playing dress-up with me.  Flattering, isn’t it?  The second photo, at the top of a settlement mound in the village, is what started a trip-long theme of silhouette photos – by the end, we were a bunch of silly school girls.

Here, from the V&A…  I had no idea it was so large.  I spent the whole day there and realized I barely saw any of it.  I guess that means I need to go back. 

 A wall of heads, I forget how old, 1400s???  A plate with “beads” cut out of it, a set of glasses, and a bench.

 A room, set up for installation.  How nice that they left the balcony open allowing us to see!

And I can’t leave out Germany.  This is the town I grew up in.  The industry there is shoe manufacturing.  As a kid, I had lots of shoes.









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